An Unbiased View of Adil Baguirov Wedding

To sum-up, any person deleting any information is in essence vandalizing the site and Wikipedia’s policies on vandalizing of pages need to apply. Only falsifications and mistakes need to be deleted, not aim specifics and reality.

By the way the Russian scholar that created that strong statement is isn't Armenian and in some cases if he was, it doesn’t issue! Because you are working with some Armenian from 1950, Whilst I can use a great deal of Armenian Students from now in the event the USSR censors and Stalin usually are not at operate! And personally there is not any evidence that Armenians gave Mr. Kapustin money to write this Except if Mr. Adil Baguirov has photo of an Armenian giving a fit circumstance of hundred dollar expenditures to this Russian scholar of Iranian reports!

5) I'm able to declare you are a racist. Let's put off childish characterization of people who tend not to share your POV. Nizami takes advantage of the phrase Narrow-eyes for Turks as I revealed higher than. There is nothing racist about this, due to the fact many other Persian poets have utilized it.

Mr. Baguirov carries on: Currently being a native speaker on the twenty first century Persian/Farsi is not ample – Specially because Considerably of our conversations centers on many historic information and references. , which once more is false since A great deal of Nizamis poetry is thought in its authentic language during the Iranian education program. By way of example inside the third grade textual content Persian textbook, the initial lesson is immediately 10 verses of Nizamis praise of God and begins with the road (ay naameh to behtarin sar-aghaaz - bi naameh to key konam baaz). In addition to his poetry is plastered through Persian school textbooks. Also it should be pointed out for Mr. Baguirov that what on earth is insufficient is NOT knowing Persian! Since Nizami is alive by the Persian language and translations tend not to do justice to his function. Indeed a translation by a Russian for example, means a translation by someone that does not contain the schooling from the native Iranian.

And within the google lookup on masud ibn namdar one particular guide by the title: "Majmu'a qissas wa-rasa'il wa-ash'ar" arrived up which isn't going to audio Turkish.

And finally you are able to not confirm it from 1 verse that Nizamis other fifty percent was one hundred% anything at all from any ethnicity. Encyclopedia Britannica has still left that part as blank. So for now Kurds will claim the ethnic glory, if you are going to.

Many of the verses of Mr. Baguirov are in truth useless when he can't convey the initial Persian. Given that lots of them will not exist and are created up through the psuedo-scholarship of your republic of Azerbaijan. (see my touch upon one particular of these notorious Phony verses in conclude manufactured up in that republic.)

From the sharp dagger’s (do the job) the dust of flight arrived at the Turks’ Military to your Oxus stream

If Afagh was the name of Nizami's spouse, then in truth the poet would have resevations working with these kinds of terms and without a doubt some the above mentioned verses could well be lewd. For example if your wifes identify is YY, Then you definately not get in touch with another person the king of kings of YY. That is why Claimed Nafisi's intrepretation is appropriate. Everywhere in the Panj-Ganj the term Afagh has long been Employed in its genuine that means horizon (about forty occasions).

As an alternative to wasting time on professing Nizami, coupled with Some others, from Azerbaijan, It could be greater for Iranians to concentrate on guarding the record and heritage that is certainly without doubt theirs, which include delivering commentary from Dr.

حدثنا الحسين بن عمرو الأرديلي عن واقد الأرديلي عن مشايخ أدركهم أن المغيرة بن شعبة قدم الكوفة والياً من قبل عمر بن الخطاب، ومعه كتاب إلى حذيفة بن اليمان بولاية أذربيجان. فأنقذه إليه وهو بنهاوند أو بقربها. فسار check out this site حتى أتى أردبيل، وهي مدينة أذربيجان وبها مرزبانها، وإليه جباية خراجها. وكان المرزبان قد جمع إليه المقاتلة من أهل باجرون وميمذ والنرير وسراة والشيز والميانج وغيرهم.

But the most ironic is needless to say how M.F.Akhundov, a international citizen (Russian Empire), who was neither born nor used substantial part of his everyday living in Iranian Empire, who was an Azerbaijani Turk, who clearly labored for Azerbaijani men and women and his country, wrote a whole lot in Russian, Azerbaijani and Farsi, is declared given that the founding father of Iranian literary criticism and in any other case a top Iranian author, critic. This is surreal. Right after such imperialistic technique it results in being distinct why Nizami, who experienced absolutely nothing to carry out with Iran, is declared as Iranian and even Persian, and countless falsifications are numerous including the Qom concern, and so forth.

36) Mr. Baguirov repeats the nonsense that Nizami’s father was a Turk but certainly if which was the case, then all contemporary Home Page Western Students might have mentioned it plus they didn’t it. So indeed attempting to repeat some thing a thousand periods doesn't help it become legitimate.

«Дело не в том, что закавказских [азербайджанских – прим. авт.] литераторов и ученых было много, гораздо более важным элементом является их своеобразие. Не столько совпадение во времени, сколько это своеобразие является поводом для объединения в самостоятельную группу, у истоков которой, собственно, уже стоит Катран [Тебризи – прим.

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